The Most Influential Legal Cases of the Last 100 Years

As a resident of the great state of Alaska, you are very aware of the day-to-day social and political landscape of your community. You understand current events and pay attention to how these events impact your quality of life and your rights as a citizen. Sometimes – things that happen very far away from Anchorage itself have a very important impact on your life.

Here is a quick example:

In 1966, the police arrested a man for allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman in Phoenix, Arizona. This man’s name is Ernesto Arturo Miranda.

The police interrogated the man – who eventually signed a written confession. A jury found Miranda guilty and his court-appointed attorney appealed.

Miranda’s appeal made it’s way to the Supreme Court, and in a 5-4 decision, the court ruled that Miranda was unjustly tried because the police never made hime aware of his right to an attorney or the right to remain silent.

How does this affect you? The police must make anyone arrested for a crime aware of their rights relating to an interrogation. As you are well aware, these rights are now known as “Miranda” rights.

As a law firm – it’s our job to pay attention to the legal landscape and how it impacts your life and well being. As you already know – the legal landscape in Fairbanks and other Alaskan cities is oftentimes governed by factors outside the state itself. The most prominent and influential of these factors are the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States.

We don’t just pay attention to the rulings of the Supreme Court – we have to understand the nuances of the arguments, the legal facts and circumstances, and how these rulings should or should not be applied to your specific case.

So, what are the most influential legal cases of the last century? Check out the below infographic and find out for yourself.

Influential Legal Case Big thanks to who designed the above info-graphic and allowed Gazewood and Weiner to use it with full permission.

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